Dood Spoor (1990)

Alternatieve titel: Dead End Track 


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ca. -- min.




MM Filmprodukties

Joost Verhey


Jack Janssen








Dead End Track 'The right-wing resistance movement Renamo attacked a train in Mozambique killing 47 people and leaving 50 wounded. The attack took place 10 kilometres from the border with South Africa.' That was the message of a press release dated February 1990. The track along which the train was travelling was laid one hundred years ago by the Netherlands South African Railway Company. The track was the link between the interior of South Africa and the coast of Mozambique. For a century, Mozambiquan workers travelled along the line to the mines around Pretoria and Johannesburg, while the raw material mined went the other way to leave Africa by ship. For a century, the railway line brought wealth but also destruction. Now more than ever, the track has come to mean life and death to the population in southern Mozambique.


The film shows an ex-freedom-fighter who left Mozambique disappointed in the early Eighties and now returns to the country he fought for. The film crew travelled with him from the capital Maputo, where the track reaches the sea, to the South African border. On the way he meets a variety of people who are dependent on the track and follows his own route back into the past. Fifteen years after independence, Mozambique is still torn by resistance to the regime of the left-wing liberation movement Frelimo, of which he was a member.


The end of the journey is the Mozambiquan border post Ressano Garcia, where the tragedy of the track acquires a magical shape.